A complete guide to a cam locks

A complete guide to a cam locks

Type of cabinet lock used quite frequently. cam locks enable the cabinets to be successfully held together securely without compromising their appearance.

How does it work?

The cam rotates between 180 and 90 degrees when a key inserted into the base. Depending on how the lock installed, the cam will fit into the lock strike in one position and will be free of the strike when transferred to a better position.


To open these locks, flat keys, rounded keys, and even combination mechanisms are used. Flat keys are typically turned in the lock to rotate the cam, whereas tubular keys pressed. Combination factors allow users to manage the without using a key, making them more appropriate for applications such as school lockers and filing cabinets.


Cam locks come in various styles and finish to meet the needs of several applications. Larger, more durable cam locks are more reliable and used for more substantial furniture or high-security applications. Indoor applications use standard steel or brass finishes, while outdoor applications use weather-resistant materials like galvanized or stainless steel.

Finally, if the keys to a cam lock are misplaced or additional keys are required, it may be extremely challenging to replace them. These locks aren’t always as strong or secure as the other types of locks, and they might not be enough for high-security applications. Drilling or other lock picking tools used to break into them. High-security cam locks are more expensive than standard cam lock designed to resist drilling and picking.

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